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Business Solutions trading corporation is one of Europe's largest and most respected privately owned companies. Strong leadership and sustainable funding has allowed it to grow into the largest investment trading imports/exports and real estate property investments and asset experts in the United Kingdom, Europe and UAE. Tt now has more diverse operations in industrial and business fields than almost any other similar group in the region.




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Investments and Real Estate

Business Solutions trading corporation has been delivering comprehensive services to the regional and international real estate market for over two decades. From the selection of site and feasibility studies to construction and property management. The group delivers committed and professional services to investors, landlords, individuals and large corporations.

The range of properties administered and leased in the UK/Europe and UAE includes warehouse workshops offices showrooms hotels villas and apartments. .

These properties will sustain a very high standard of accommodation and leisure facilities in keeping with the economic growth of the countries. It is envisaged that Business Solutions trading corporation will concentrate its efforts and resources towards the development of prestigious real estate complexes to supplement the growing demand for commercial and residential properties.

Business Solutions trading corporation has years of expertise and has been integral in both the implementation and management of many landmark developments in the region. This gives the group a distinct identity and reputation. It also demonstrates a commitment to their regional and international responsibilities and future sustainable development.


Business Solutions trading corporation is providing imports/exports services & solutions in:


We are one of the UK and Europe's leading and largest trading corporations. Our imports, exports and trading investments programmes over the past 30 years have returned net gains in excess of 35% year on year.

We are trading and exporting new and used models of BMW cars and motorbikes Enduro, sports, tour, roaster, HP and Urban Mobility. We are also dealing with quality model American and Italian motorbikes and bmw cars with our customers worldwide.






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Asset Management and Business Funding

Business solutions trading corporation offers a wide range of asset management with discretionary portfolio as per clearly defined and agreed objectives

Standardized or tailor – made asset management for world wide investments

Analysis of allocation of assets

Investment Advisory

Advice about world wide investments in securities, funds and international or derivative instruments

Support analysis and monitoring of investments and their reinvestments according to specific instructions

Estate planning

Planning of a defined income flow from the clients estate

Liquidity planning and budgeting

Individual inheritance solutions including foundations trust and companies


Bank Guarantees (BG) & STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT (SBLC) DOCUMENTARY LETTER OF CREDIT (DLC) Issued for as little as 8.75% of their face value from some of the worlds top 25 banks.

Bank guarantees primarily from Barclays Deutsche bank. HSBC and Credit Suisse.

• Banks include Barclays . HSBC . Credit Suisse . Deutsche Bank or equivalent
• Bank Guarantees & SBLC s in standard formats from major banks .
• Amount from $15 million to 5 billion + Euros or US Dollars
• Great Attorney trust Account protection
• Delivered via MT700 /MT799 /MT760 Swift with full bank responsibility
• MT799 Pre Advice included
• Business Funding for small / medium / large and corporate Business Industries
• Brokers Always protected.

A Bank Guarantee ( MT-760 ) is a financial instrument with a defined value that is issued by a bank with full banking responsibility . A Bank Guarantee is a written obligation of the issuing bank to pay a sum to a beneficiary on behalf of their customer in the event that the customer himself does not pay the beneficiary.

Bank Guarantees are issued for a variety of purposes such as to improve the credit rating for issuers of industrial development revenue bonds and commercial papers to provide back –up facilities for loans granted by third parties to assure performance under construction and employment contracts and to ensure the account party satisfies financial obligations payable to major suppliers.